Physics 5B detailed description

Physics 5B "Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Thermodynamics, Fluids, Waves, Light, and Optics," 5 units.

Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour; laboratory, two hours. Requisite: course 5A. Thermal properties of matter, free energy, fluids, ideal gas, diffusion, oscillations, waves, sounds, light, and optics, with applications to biological and biochemical systems. P/NP or letter grading.

The topics covered in this class and approximate schedules are listed below. Chapters listed are from University Physics for the Life Sciences, Update Edition by Knight.

Week Chapter(s) Topics covered Optional sections
1 11.4-11.6 Thermal energy and temperature 11.7 Heat pumps
2 11.8-11.9, 12.1-12.2 Entropy, Thermal properties of matter
3 12.3-12.6, 12.8, 13.1-13.3 Fluids: gases, calorimetry, pressure, buoyancy 12.7 Thermal properties of gases
4 13.4-13.7 Fluids: fluid dynamics, viscosity
5 14.1-14.6, 15.1-15.3 Oscillations and waves 14.7 Damped oscillations, 14.8 Driven oscillations and resonance
6 15.5-15.6, 16.1-16.5 Superposition and standing waves 15.7 Doppler effect, 16.6 Mathematics interference, 16.7 Interferences in 2 and 3 dimensions, 16.8 Beats
7 17.1-17.2 Wave optics
8 17.3-17.6 Wave optics
9 18 Ray optics 18.7 Thin-lens equation
10 19 Optical instruments

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